Our Staff

Charmaine has a lifelong passion for books and reading. In 2010 she converted her thirty-year dream of owning a bookshop into a reality, following a career as an academic. She loves literary fiction, gardening books and cookbooks, and memoirs and travel books and children’s picture books and— well, all books really. They are objects of beauty that tantalise our senses and enrich our homes.

Charmaine has her best days when discussing books and reading with others, and finding just the right book for each person and/or occasion. Mostly Books is a central part of our local community of book lovers and readers, and may it continue to be so for many years to come.


Annie has been getting in trouble from an early age for reading in the dark. She is a bit better at controlling herself these days, but is still sometimes known for reading past sundown. She has degrees in English, Psychology, French and Professional Communications and was Co-Director of the National Young Writers’ Festival in 2016 and 2017.

Annie has worked with Adelaide Writers’ Week, regularly contributes to a bookish podcast, Books on the Go and reviews children’s books for Books+Publishing. She likes good books and soft textiles, little dogs and bright colours, writing that makes you double take and art of all kinds.


Kate reads slowly and makes notes in the margins of her books. She’s a fan of fiction, short stories, art books and children’s picture books. Some favourite authors are Anais Nin, Jeanette Winterson, Haruki Murakami and Miranda July.

Kate likes finding the shared love of an author with someone or introducing people to new writers they haven’t heard of. She’s particularly interested in Japanese and erotic fiction (not necessarily at the same time).

When she’s not at the bookstore she’s at her studio working on new creations for her Honors degree in Sculpture.


Carly is a lover of picture books and her home library is dangerously comparable to the Mostly Book children’s collection. She has a weakness for gorgeous illustration and the magic they bring to a story – you are never too old for picture books. She loves to see the smiles on people’s faces  who find the book they were looking for (or didn’t know they were looking for).

Carly also loves science, history, current affairs, spiritual ecology books; almost anything non-fiction. Carly has a degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) and Education (Primary) and is a practicing artist, a print maker. She has worked with the Adelaide Writers’ Week team for the past 8 years delivering the wonderful Kids Day, at the Nest Studio ‘village’.


Jane has been working in the magical world of bookstores for the last ten years. Prior to this, her career encompassed the fields of interior architecture, graphic design, textiles and the arts and crafts. Jane’s personal library reflects her career, as well as books on the beauty, harmony and simplicity of nature, meditation and personal growth.

Sharing with people, especially little children, (and oh! if dogs were allowed), brings joy and fulfilment to Jane’s days at Mostly Books. This re-affirms her belief that the world of books is a powerful avenue to knowledge, discovery and enduring satisfaction and perhaps most importantly, a soft place to rest.


Faith has succeeded Elizabeth as the world’s best book keeper. The transition was so seamless that you are probably still unaware that either of them exist.